We hope and pray that everyone made it safely through Hurricane Irma. We know that some families are still without power, but the school is open.  We usually follow the Volusia County School Schedule, but we decided to open today as a service to the community because we able to provide the students an air conditioned, safe environment, food from the cafeteria, and give parents an opportunity to deal with any personal issues without needing to worry about their children. We are not counting any tardiness and all absences will be excused this week so that the parents have the opportunity to get their lives back together.  
Parents, it is okay if your child is out of town or is absent, just know that it will not count against them and they will not miss any new material.  As a community of faith, we must move forward with compassion for our families as we continue to pray for all of those affected by Hurricane Irma.
Thank You.