Parents and Guardians, 

Applications are open for both new and renewal families for the 2017-18 school year.  They anticipate funding 105,000 scholarships for next school year and have already awarded more than 70,000 scholarships, so it is important that interest families apply ASAP.  The deadline to apply for scholarship is May 1.   This means entire applications must be completed, including the submission of all documentation.  The deadline is early this year as they are doing everything they can to process and award all scholarships prior to school beginning in August.  Currently, the turnaround time for new applications is about three weeks.  

While Step Up is still give priority to the lowest income bracket, they've begun awarding students of higher income families who qualify for the 88% scholarship.  They have several hundred lined up to be awarded this week, so please ensure that any of your higher income families (>185% of poverty level) have their applications complete and all of their documents submitted.  Please make sure that you go online to apply at and bring your completed documents to the front office.  If you need any help, please contact the front office for additional assistance.